Smashing Pumpkins

Halloween time is the best.

Sometimes I get to dress like a zombie and shuffle around on public streets. Sometimes I get to dress like Kanye West and take pictures with tons of random bar patrons.

And all of this is socially acceptable, for once.

Another favorite of mine is carving punkins. Today I shall host, to the best of my abilities, a punkin-carving party. And, to up my game this year, I've created a few patterns of my own.

I'm going to make a Cigar Guy punkin:

Also, just in case the only punkins available are those tall, skinny types, I made a Christine O'Donnell Is Not A Witch pattern, too.

But wait, there's more!

Download the designs and make your own punkins, for real:

- Cigar Guy
- Not A Witch

If you do, post pictures of your punkins on my Write Stuff page.

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I'm reading

"American Lion" by Jon Meacham
I've always liked presidential biographies, and this seemed like a good choice now that Old Hickory's portrait is hanging in the Oval Office these days. The old timey text can get dense but Meacham does a good job keeping it flowing.

I'm listening to

"What Now" by Sylvan Esso. I've slowly come around to loving this group, and the hooks are this newest album are just killer.

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