Love Train

This blogger would like to apologize for unintentionally becoming a Metro creeper on today's morning commute.

Several factors led to this unfortunate position.

A breakdown begat rides in uncommonly crowded train cars both before and after transferring.

Then, the second train became "out of service," we passengers were forced to exit and it drove away under its own power ... somehow.

This, In turn, led to a very, very crowded next train car. That, in addition to a new weight workout that has left me with little voluntary control of my core muscles, led to numerous accidental hugs bestowed by me upon fellow passengers.

My sincere apologies. Call me.

Also, to the guy who was standing cheeks-to-cheeks with me, how weird is it that our asses are at like exactly the same height?

That is all.

# # #

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I'm reading

"American Lion" by Jon Meacham
I've always liked presidential biographies, and this seemed like a good choice now that Old Hickory's portrait is hanging in the Oval Office these days. The old timey text can get dense but Meacham does a good job keeping it flowing.

I'm listening to

"What Now" by Sylvan Esso. I've slowly come around to loving this group, and the hooks are this newest album are just killer.

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