Oh, hey. I’m an all-purpose communications professional pushing
10 years in the newspaper industry, most of that as a copy editor and designer. Currently, I’m Chief Copy Editor at The Hill newspaper in Washington, D.C.

I bake bread, drink bourbon and pet cats. I can make animals out of balloons. A Sharpie and Post-it notes are essential life tools.

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That's heavy, Doc.

Infrastructure? Where we're going, we don't need infrastructure.

Ever since the phrase "win the future" began winging around after President Obama's State of The Union address, I've had this image stuck in my head. So, much like how listening to a song sometimes dislodges it from your psyche, I made this. ... Read more »

Gifts of knowledge

As a newspaper designer, you know that the vast majority of your work is going to get balled up and thrown in the trash.

But even though I'm no longer gainfully employed as a newspaper designer, should that stop me from designing something that will be torn to shreds and forgotten 20 times over in the same timespan it took to create? Hell, no. ... Read more »

Casablanca Christmas

Holy blog neglect! I suppose I could make a New Year's resolution to blog more often - which is probably inching up to the same number of people who are pledging to lose five pounds - but instead I'll try to distract you with ... Read more »

Smashing Pumpkins

Halloween time is the best.

Sometimes I get to dress like a zombie and shuffle around on public streets. Sometimes I get to dress like Kanye West and take pictures with tons of random bar patrons.

And all of this is socially acceptable, for once. ... Read more »

Love Train

This blogger would like to apologize for unintentionally becoming a Metro creeper on today's morning commute.

Several factors led to this unfortunate position.

A breakdown begat rides in uncommonly crowded train cars both before and after transferring. ... Read more »

I'm reading

"American Lion" by Jon Meacham
I've always liked presidential biographies, and this seemed like a good choice now that Old Hickory's portrait is hanging in the Oval Office these days. The old timey text can get dense but Meacham does a good job keeping it flowing.

I'm listening to

"What Now" by Sylvan Esso. I've slowly come around to loving this group, and the hooks are this newest album are just killer.

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