Oh, hey. I’m an all-purpose communications professional pushing
10 years in the newspaper industry, most of that as a copy editor and designer. Currently, I’m Chief Copy Editor at The Hill newspaper in Washington, D.C.

I bake bread, drink bourbon and pet cats. I can make animals out of balloons. A Sharpie and Post-it notes are essential life tools.

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Mor-hey Eel


A video posted by Jesse Helfrich (@jesse_helfrich) on

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Baked good

I won! I am, in a sense, the best home baker in Arlington County, Va.

This is a ridiculous statement but also one of the most exciting sentences I've written in years. ... Read more »

FOI: Chicken pomodoro

Food On The Internet: Paprika chicken al pomodoro over fettuccine and spring greens with citrus vinaigrette.

Every so often I get the chance to make a composed dish. The impetus for this one was a few cups of tasty leftover tomato sauce that needed a use. ... Read more »

Boy, that de-escalated quickly (back at last)

That's me there, about three years, 30 pounds, one job title and little more hair ago.

Sometime shortly before I scribbled that lopsided mustache on my finger, I'd given up on updating this website. It wasn't on purpose: The site was looking outdated, and I was busy acclimating to a new job, but at some point it just stopped occurring to me that this little corner of the Internet could use my attention. ... Read more »

Eye Sore

Warning: Due to copious amounts of ick, viewer discretion is advised.

The most common reaction to telling someone that you've lost sight in your right eye because of a massive corneal ulcer is, "Jesus!"

I've heard, been texted and emailed that single-word reaction a cool dozen times since a wicked infection moved into and subsequently wreaked havoc on my eye on May 29. ... Read more »

I'm reading

"American Lion" by Jon Meacham
I've always liked presidential biographies, and this seemed like a good choice now that Old Hickory's portrait is hanging in the Oval Office these days. The old timey text can get dense but Meacham does a good job keeping it flowing.

I'm listening to

"What Now" by Sylvan Esso. I've slowly come around to loving this group, and the hooks are this newest album are just killer.

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