Oh, hey. I’m an all-purpose communications professional pushing
10 years in the newspaper industry, most of that as a copy editor and designer. Currently, I’m Chief Copy Editor at The Hill newspaper in Washington, D.C.

I bake bread, drink bourbon and pet cats. I can make animals out of balloons. A Sharpie and Post-it notes are essential life tools.

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Mor-hey Eel


A video posted by Jesse Helfrich (@jesse_helfrich) on

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Baked good

I won! I am, in a sense, the best home baker in Arlington County, Va.

This is a ridiculous statement but also one of the most exciting sentences I've written in years. ... Read more »

FOI: Chicken pomodoro

Food On The Internet: Paprika chicken al pomodoro over fettuccine and spring greens with citrus vinaigrette.

Every so often I get the chance to make a composed dish. The impetus for this one was a few cups of tasty leftover tomato sauce that needed a use. ... Read more »

Boy, that de-escalated quickly (back at last)

That's me there, about three years, 30 pounds, one job title and little more hair ago.

Sometime shortly before I scribbled that lopsided mustache on my finger, I'd given up on updating this website. It wasn't on purpose: The site was looking outdated, and I was busy acclimating to a new job, but at some point it just stopped occurring to me that this little corner of the Internet could use my attention. ... Read more »

Eye Sore

Warning: Due to copious amounts of ick, viewer discretion is advised.

The most common reaction to telling someone that you've lost sight in your right eye because of a massive corneal ulcer is, "Jesus!"

I've heard, been texted and emailed that single-word reaction a cool dozen times since a wicked infection moved into and subsequently wreaked havoc on my eye on May 29. ... Read more »

I'm reading

"The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms" by N. K. Jemisin
I stumbled on a write-up somewhere about the author, and it sounded like she would have a unique voice in fantasy writing. She does.

I'm listening to

"City Wrecker" by Moonface. Spencer Krug does a lot of stuff. A lot of that stuff is sort of weird, and I like pretty much all of it. Someday, I will see Wolf Parade live!

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